Mobile Base

Project Overview

With a goal of connecting a human's sight and touch to a deep-sea exploration platform, Ocean One made it's first open water dive in

Key Contributions
  • Primary designer of arms & actuators

  • Designed custom Series Elastic Actuators for underwater use featuring brushless motors & harmonic drives

  • Arm design became the first torque controlled submersible manipulators ever made

  • Built several prototypes and test platforms (including simulated depth test chamber) to validate & quantify design concepts, actuator performance, shaft & housing seals, pressure compensation system

  • Project management; frequent collaboration with Stanford teams, timelines and milestones, budgeting and cost projections, BOM management, procurement, & vendor management·

Press & Media
  • Extensive media coverage among top news outlets; IEEE Spectrum, the New York Times, Engadget, CNN, & Wired.